Manufacturing Top Quality Tools and Fasteners for Industrial, Packaging and Wood to Wood Applications

PrimeSource Building Products, Inc. is the pre-eminent, full-service national provider of the industry’s premier brands. Home to the legendary Grip-Rite and Pro-Twist fastener brands, as well as RailFX, Nationwide Industries, Klinch-Pak, Complete, Ultra-Tec and LockeyUSA, PrimeSource Building Products owns a distinct advantage operating both as a leading manufacturer of proprietary brands and a distributor of premier third-party brands.

Axxis, LLC., including the brands Klinch-Pak and Complete was acquired by PrimeSource in April 2022. 

Axxis is your go-to source for fastening tools and fasteners tailored for industrial, packaging, and wood-to-wood applications. Beyond offering quality products, we deliver the precise tools essential for your journey to success.

Powerful Brands

Explore Axxis’s superior range featuring top-quality brands – Apach, Klinch-Pak, Complete. These lines of tools offer not only high performance but also exceptional value. With our US-based inventory, rest assured your deliveries are prompt, ensuring our products surpass both industry standards and norms.

Experienced Partners

Axxis doesn’t just sell great brands – we sell great service, too. Our goal is to create amazing long-term partnerships with every supplier and every customer. To accomplish that, we have assembled a team of professionals with an extraordinary depth of specific industry related experience. People who not only understand tools, but who also understand the demands of our customers’ businesses. Our team leverages its expertise in sourcing and logistics, its extensive product and application knowledge and a passion for satisfying customer needs to create the most knowledgeable, skilled and aggressive customer service and support in the industry.

Axxis has created an innovative company model that challenges the industry standard. It combines the power, experience and capabilities of a large company with the flexibility, quickness and dynamics of a small, growing company. This best-of-both-worlds strategy means every customer gets first-class products and world-class service. Axxis exists to solve customer problems, to have the answers when customers need them and to be the go-to resource when productivity and profitability are the required outcomes.